Nicole UniceWhen I was seven, I started writing. In my second grade class, brave mothers glued wallpaper samples to cardboard for covers, then typed up our words to create “books”. I was hooked. Despite my prolific publishing career at age seven, I really had no idea that writing was in my future.

For the first twenty-five years of my life, I think my plan was to cram as much experience into as little time as possible. I managed to finish college, get married, start a family, start graduate school, and switch careers five times. After much wrestling with identity, purpose, and who God really is, I finally (sort of) settled into being a mother and counselor. It was in the counseling office I discovered my love for helping women find life in Jesus, mostly by listening well, reading their own lives, and then sharing what God’s taught me in that might be helpful to them. Women of all ages wrestle through the same questions–of identity, of worth, and of purpose. So when I started teaching in women’s ministry at Hope Church, I took the questions from my counseling office and started answering them for large groups of women to hear!

As God would have it, that women’s ministry sparked a love in me for teaching the Bible. The result was a blog, then a book. She’s Got Issues, released May 2012 with Tyndale House and speaks to a fundamental question of faith: is being a Christian supposed to change me? We also filmed a DVD Group Experience, to accompany the book, which basically involves my friends getting brutally honest about their own issues and me sharing a bit of scripture that inspires us to allow God to change us in our daily life.

Since then, I’ve come into full-time ministry at Hope, directing our new residency program for young leaders, podcasting, and providing support in lots of different ways for the way God is working at Hope. I’m so excited to announce that I’ve collaborated with my senior pastor, David Dwight, for our next project. It’s called “Start Here: Beginning a Relationship with Jesus” and the book releases in April 2014. Our hope is that this will be a resource that helps you start a relationship with Christ, and provides you something to hand to your friends when they have questions about this whole God thing! You’ll hear more about that in the coming months.

Something happens when I get to teach from scripture. It’s like a fire in me that is just burning to get out, and what’s incredible is how God is changing me in the process. I sort of lose words to describe that, but it’s my deepest joy in my work. Also, I have an awesome husband who is strong in that quiet kind of way, and who keeps me from revving myself into a frenzy. Everyone needs an anchor, and I’m so thrilled he’s mine. We have three kids, which you’ll hear a bunch about in the book or on the blog. Kids teach you about who you really are, and why you need Jesus. And I love that.

You can read my professional bio here, but what I want to say to you is that I’m so grateful that you’ve stopped by the blog. I hope the words here help you feel known, and help you feel encouraged. I’m honored to be a part of your life. Connect with me here, or any social media (I’m a connection junkie). I’d love to hear your story too.


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